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Terreria is a typical Terrain Card.

Terrain Cards are a type of card available in Terrene Odyssey. Terrain cards produce the amount of Actions a player gets each turn, have XP trees on them that determine how Characters grow when they gain XP, and have Trigger effects that benefit certain combinations of Character Affiliations.

Terrain Switches[edit | edit source]

Once per turn, a player may switch their active Terrain Card. This does not change any of the XP Rewards that have already been awarded to Characters, but later XP will follow the new trees. Inactive Terrain cards are not discarded, and may be reactivated on a later turn.

Storms[edit | edit source]

Firestorm is a typical Storm.

Some Terrains are considered Storms. These cards have symmetrical effects that activate at the beginning of the next turn for the player that played it. After their turn of effect, Storms will dismiss themselves (even if they become inactive before the end of the turn), making their effects temporary. Because their effects are temporary, the XP trees for storms hold greater rewards and players may not begin the game with a Storm as their Terrain. Storms commonly generate fewer Actions than other Terrain cards, but playing a Storm does not immediately reduce the number of Actions a player has available.

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