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As a card battle game, entities in Terrene Odyssey are represented as card that can be selected for a customizable deck of 30 cards. The Characters fighting, Items they're using, Terrains they're fighting on and Commands that are given are all represented by cards.

List of Cards[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of Cards available in the game Terrene Odyssey.

Base Set[edit | edit source]

The Base Set contains the first 108 cards in Terrene Odyssey. It was released on March 10th, 2015.

Number Name Type Class Affiliation
001 Terreria Terrain N/A Light & Dark
002 Seaside Market Terrain N/A Water & Earth
003 Emberstadt Terrain N/A Fire & Earth
004 Training Grounds Terrain N/A Earth
005 Steam Fields Terrain N/A Fire & Water
006 Hot Springs Terrain N/A Earth, Wind & Water
007 The Plateau Terrain N/A Wind & Water
008 Snow Storm Terrain Storm Earth
009 Fire Storm Terrain Storm Fire
010 Rain Storm Terrain Storm Water
011 Thunder Storm Terrain Storm Wind
012 Zowie the Ingenuic Character Interdimensional Light
013 Jin the Ambitious Character Engineer Dark
014 Skylar the Determined Character Tactician Earth
015 Gregory the Hoarder Character Warrior Fire
016 S.K. the Art Historian Character Thief Wind
017 Mr. White the Astute Character Spellcaster Water
018 Ethan the Resilient Character Warrior Earth
019 Inu the Inferno Character Warrior Fire
020 Bellicose the Insightful Character Warrior Water
021 Sammy the Agile Character Warrior Wind
022 Peter the Indurate Character Guardian Earth
023 Asu the Flame Hellion Character Guardian Fire
024 Ashen the Unseemly Character Guardian Water
025 Olivia the Graceless Character Guardian Wind
026 Deborah the Direct Character Tactician Earth
027 Ike the Aggressive Character Tactician Fire
028 Zile the Recruiter Character Tactician Wind
029 Isaac the Observer Character Tactician Water
030 Jace the Saboteur Character Thief Earth
031 Chogan the Scrounger Character Thief Fire
032 Bran the Pilferer Character Thief Water
033 Talon the Pickpocket Character Thief Wind
034 Gerald the Silent Character Spellcaster Earth
035 Sade the Rejuvenative Character Spellcaster Earth
036 Ivan the Organic Character Spellcaster Earth
037 Valorie the Manipulator Character Spellcaster Fire
038 Alexie the Studious Character Spellcaster Water
039 Candace the Catalyst Character Spellcaster Wind
040 Javelin from the Mist Character Assassin Light
041 Dagger on the Edge Character Assassin Earth
042 Sabre in the Sun Character Assassin Fire
043 Blades Up Above Character Assassin Water
044 Hooks in the Zephyr Character Assassin Wind
045 Knife in the Shadows Character Assassin Dark
046 Scout Character Machine Dark
047 Wanderer from a Previous World Character Machine Dark
048 Insidious Character Beast Dark
049 Luminous Character Beast Light
050 Just a Traveler Character Interdimensional Light
051 The Revenant Character Interdimensional Light
052 Rika the Voltaic Character Warrior Light
053 Jake and Lillith the Unity Character Tactician Dark
054 Susana the Glacial Character Spellcaster Water
055 Avis the Predecessor Character Machine Wind
056 Akos the Perceptive Character Thief Fire
057 Malicious Character Beast Dark
058 Pernicious Character Beast Fire
059 Prague the Last of Them Character Golem Earth
060 Lovox the Displaced Character Interdimensional Light
061 Guntram the Malefactor Character Thief Wind
062 Zane the Ender Character Warrior Fire
063 DeMattei the Architect Character Engineer Water
064 Ready the Absurd Character Golem Earth
065 Life Potion Item N/A N/A
066 Strength Potion Item N/A N/A
067 Defense Potion Item N/A N/A
068 Haste Potion Item N/A N/A
069 Slow Potion Item N/A N/A
070 Fire Bomb Item N/A N/A
071 Blinding Bomb Item N/A N/A
072 Smoke Bomb Item N/A N/A
073 Flare Item N/A N/A
074 Haze Bomb Item N/A N/A
075 Silence Orb Item N/A N/A
076 Sticky Bomb Item N/A N/A
077 Healing Salve Item N/A N/A
078 Prophecy Item N/A N/A
079 Spell Book Item N/A N/A
080 Another Man's Treasure Item N/A N/A
081 Zowie's Ingenuity Command N/A N/A
082 Jin's Ambition Command N/A N/A
083 Item Expertise Command N/A N/A
084 Spikes Command Ongoing N/A
085 Tripwire Command Ongoing N/A
086 Intimidate Command Ongoing N/A
087 Taunt Command Ongoing N/A
088 Aggressively Engaged Command N/A N/A
089 Embezzle Command Ongoing N/A
090 Disorientate Command N/A N/A
091 Pillage Command Ongoing N/A
092 Assassins Agenda Command N/A N/A
093 Machine Factory Command Ongoing N/A
094 Energy Factory Command Ongoing N/A
095 Scoops McGee & Johny Donuts Command N/A N/A
096 Critical Command N/A N/A
097 Perfect Block Command N/A N/A
098 Return to the Rift Command N/A N/A
099 Fireball Command Spell N/A
100 Shadow Veil Command Spell N/A
101 Silence Command Spell N/A
102 Intensity Command Spell N/A
103 Tactician's Point Man Command Ongoing N/A
104 Retaliate Command Trap N/A
105 Lethal Counter Attack Command Trap N/A
106 Adaptive Combat Command Trap N/A
107 Persuaded with Power Command Trap N/A
108 No More Hiding Command Trap N/A

Token Characters[edit | edit source]

These Characters cannot be added to decks, but can be recruited via the effects of other cards. They are made of punch board to ensure that they are not mistakenly shuffled into a deck after a game.

Name Type Class Affiliation
Energy Character Energy Light
Scoops McGee Character Machine Dark
Johnny Donuts Character Machine Dark
Wanderer Alpha Character Machine Dark
Wanderer Beta Character Machine Dark

Kickstarter Rewards Set[edit | edit source]

During The Kickstarter Campaign for Terrene Odyssey, the community and top donors voted on different elements to be included in this set of cards. They were released on March 10th, 2015 with the Base Set.

Number Name Type Class Affiliation
KS 001 Zowie Alternate Art Character Interdimensional Light
KS 002 Auren the Austere Character Interdimensional/Spellcaster Fire
KS 003 Sally the Candescent Character Engineer Fire
KS 004 Jack the Galvanic Character Guardian Earth
KS 005 Blaze in the Psyche Character Assassin Dark
KS 006 Nefarious Character Beast Earth
KS 007 Zeac the Energetic Character Energy Light
KS 008 Skybloom the Fire Flower Character Interdimensional/Spellcaster Fire
KS 009 Yume the Infected Character Interdimensional/Beast Dark
KS 010 Tsue the Balanced Character Interdimensional/Guardian Fire