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Aggressively Engaged is a typical Command Card.

Commands are a type of card available in Terrene Odyssey. They are assigned to Characters, to activate later. Commands have a wide range of effects, but are often restricted by class. Players may not activate Command Cards from their hand and must assign them to a Character to activate first.

Command Classes[edit | edit source]

Commands can be categorized into a number of classes (indicated above the effect box). Like Characters, these classes are a good indicator of what types of effects the Command will have. Unlike Characters, there are some Commands that do not have a class. The Command Classes are as follows:

  • Ongoing commands - After being activated, these Commands remain on the field until they are Dismissed. Their triggers have effect as long as they are on the field.
  • Spells - Spells are a type of Command that only Spellcasters can activate. Spells have a very wide range of effects, but their strength increases with the LV of their caster.
  • Traps - Traps are a type of Command that require a Tactician. Unlike Spells, any Character can activate a Trap, as long as another member of their party is a Tactician. Traps tend to be situational, but heavily punish over-committing to a particular strategy.

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