Gained Abilities

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Gained Abilities are effects or triggers that a character may gain access to after being recruited. They are commonly gained from XP Rewards and the effects of other cards. Unlike a Character's innate abilities, Gained Abilities cannot be Silenced. Further, Gained Abilities are not Status Effects and cannot be removed via Status Effect curing effects.

Named Gained Abilities[edit | edit source]

Some common Gained Abilities are named.

  • Haste - This ability allows a character to attack without paying any Actions. Gaining Haste cures Slow.
  • Stab - This ability causes a character to ignore the defense of their blockers while attacking.
  • Resourceful - This ability allows a character to use an Item or Command without paying any Actions once per turn.
  • Immunity - This ability prevents damage and negates the effects of the specified type to the character affected by it.
  • Retaliate - This ability allows a character to damage its attackers equal to its defense when blocking.