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Terrene Odyssey is a competitive all-inclusive battle card game that borrows the traditional feel of video game RPG Battle systems. You will recruit your 4 character party of adventurers and you will do battle with another party of adventurers. Defeat enemy characters to gain XP and level up your characters to your design! Last party standing wins the game.

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Pick a deck. From that deck players will pull out, 4 characters, 4 Items / Commands, and Terrain card and place them face-down on the table. This is their Starting Party Composition, the core mechanic of the game’s design and balance. On a player’s turn, they will draw 1 card (they start with an empty hand) and gain X Actions, listed on their Terrain card. They can spend these Actions to:

  • Declare an attack with a character
  • Recruit a character (Flip face-up)
  • Pay for costs on Items / Commands
  • Use your Starting Party Composition to formulate a
  • strategy and keep key cards face-down to hide
  • your agenda. Deduce your opponent’s strategy and take out key characters. Defeat characters to gain XP and grow based on your Terrain cards XP Tree.

Compose tons of interesting and balanced strategies from the same 30 card deck using the Starting Party Composition mechanic!


Features[edit | edit source]

Core Mechanic: Original ‘Starting Party Composition’ mechanic gives players extreme control over the games systems but they must also use psychology to predict and deduce their opponent’s build ( starting party choices)

  • 1v1 or 2v2 Competitive Formats.
  • One copy of the game delivers 108 unique cards and three copies of each. No trading or collecting. Jump straight into the game.
  • Casually accessible. Competitively balanced.
  • A new and original universe gives Terrene Odyssey strong and interesting art direction.