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Mr. White is the Spellcaster hero. His astuteness allows him to recycle Spells!

Spellcaster is a Character class in Terrene Odyssey. Spellcasters tend to be poor at combat with typical stats for 1 SP Spellcasters being 10 HP/10 ATK/0 DEF. Their low HP makes them unable to block virtually all attacks and vulnerable to many damaging effects. Additionally, their low ATK makes spending Actions for them to attack generally inefficient.

Spellcasters make up for these disadvantages by having the ability to cast Spells. These Commands have powerful effects that the user gets to target with (as opposed to attacks). Furthermore, Spells grow more powerful as the Spellcaster casting them levels up. At level 3, the effects can be potentially game ending!

Spellcasters also boast flexible abilities that can have great effects if used properly. These effects tend to cost cards, making card draw very important in decks focusing on Spellcasters.

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