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In Terrene Odyssey an event's Damage Type determines what attributes the damage has.

Effect Damage[edit | edit source]

Using Fire Bomb deals Effect Damage. It doesn't not apply Defense Decay, or cause Overkill Damage.

Effect Damage is dealt via Trigger abilities. It has no extra attributes.

It is important to note that Effect Damage is reduced by DEF, unless it is Stab Damage.

Battle Damage[edit | edit source]

Battle Damage is dealt when a Character attacks. A Character has only dealt Battle Damage if the damage they dealt is not entirely blocked by the defending Character's DEF.

Battle Damage applies Defense Decay to Characters, which temporarily reduces their DEF. If a Character takes more Battle Damage than they have remaining HP, the difference becomes Overkill Damage.

Overkill Damage[edit | edit source]

Critical increases the Overkill Damage that a Character deals.

Overkill Damage is the overflow of Battle Damage if a blocking Character does not have enough remaining HP to absorb all incoming damage. Overkill Damage is dealt to the player controlling the defeated Character and it triggers effects that require Battle Damage to players (such as Warrior abilities).

Stab Damage[edit | edit source]

Disambig.png This article is about the damage type. For the Gained Ability that allows Characters to use it, see Stab (Gained Ability).

Stab damage ignores the DEF value of the defending Character. Damage is dealt directly to a Character's HP.

Stab Damage caused by effects does not inflict Defense Decay, but if an effect causes a Character's attack to deal Stab Damage or the Character deals Stab Damage because they have the Stab Gained Ability, it will cause Defense Decay and potentially Overkill Damage.