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Now that you know the basics of Terrene Odyssey, let’s take a look at the deeper systems of the game. You can refer to the Videos for a visual guide.


Supply[edit | edit source]

Each Character takes up Supply. Some take up more then others. You can never control more then 4 Supply of Characters. If you are forced over Supply, you must dismiss down to 4 Supply Immediately.

Trigger Abilities[edit | edit source]

A Trigger Ability is an Ability that needs to meet a requirement to trigger. Most Trigger abilities have a cost Actions to activate but others may require other conditions (example: Deal damage to a Player)

Green Trigger.png Blue Trigger.png Purple Trigger.png

Trigger Abilities resolve independent of their source. Even if a Character or Assigned Card is Dismissed or Defeated while resolving their effects, the effect will still resolve.

Character Classes[edit | edit source]

Every Character has a Class they belong to. Every Class has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

There are 12 Character Classes in Terrene Odyssey:

  • Warrior - Low DEF and high ATK. When they deal damage to players, their abilities trigger.
  • Guardian - High DEF and low ATK. They are great at taking damage and keeping your party alive. They have simple Trigger Abilities to support your party.
  • Tactician - Average Stats. They are great at giving you resource advantages. They can also use Trap – Command cards. Traps are situational but have highly rewarding effects.
  • Thief - High HP and low ATK. They can steal resources from your opponent when they deal damage to other Characters.
  • Spellcaster - Low ATK, DEF, and HP. They have some of the strongest Character abilities in the game. They can also use Spell – Command cards that get stronger with the Spellcasters level.
  • Assassin - High ATK, low DEF and low HP. They are great and taking out specific Characters suddenly.
  • Beast - High ATK, low DEF. Beasts can easily crush DEF. They can deal critical hits when they hit a player’s HP.
  • Golem - Extremely high DEF. They are in-tune with the earth and have effects that have synergy with Terrain and Storm Terrain cards.
  • Interdimensional - Average Stats. They are good at taking out Characters with high XP. They can return themselves to your hand and have all their stats wiped clean. They also have purple uninterruptible Trigger Abilities.
  • Machine - Stats are extremely diverse. Machines start off weak. Work with various minor effects to combo your Machines into what ever you desire. They are the only Class with a ‘growth curve’.
  • Engineer - Low ATK, DEF, and HP. Repair your Machines and charge them up in unique ways with Energy.
  • Energy - Energy Characters can only be created. They can be used as a resource for Spellcasters, Machines, and Engineers.

Status Conditions[edit | edit source]

A Status Condition is a Temporary state of being a Character may experience. Use Status conditions to your advantage and to slow down your opponent.

Stun[edit | edit source]

Stun Bit.png

Stunned Character can’t attack or defend. If you are Stunned while attacking, your attack is cancelled.

Silence[edit | edit source]

Silence Bit.png

A Silenced Character has all its abilities removed. This does not include Gained Abilities. If you are Silenced when you are attempting to resolve a Trigger Ability, the ability has no effect.

Slow[edit | edit source]

Slow Bit.png

A Character with Slow must pay 2 Actions to attack. If an attacking Character is Slowed, they must pay an additional Action (a total of 2) or the attack is cancelled.

Gained Abilities[edit | edit source]

A Gained Ability is considered to be gained by the Character. Gained Abilities are not Status Conditions and cannot be Silenced. Gained Abilities are very powerful. Gain as many as you can.

Haste[edit | edit source]

Haste Bit.png

A Character with Haste can attack for 0 Actions.

Retaliate[edit | edit source]

Retaliate Bit.png

A Character with Retaliate deals Stab Damage back to the attacker equal to its DEF when they block an attack.

Resourceful[edit | edit source]

Resourceful Bit.png

A Character with Resourceful can activate 1 Items or Commands per turn without paying its action cost. Other costs must still be met.

Stab[edit | edit source]

Stab Bit.png

A Character with Stab deals Stab Damage. Stab Damage ignores the defender's DEF value.

Terrain Switch[edit | edit source]

  • You can play more then 1 Terrain card in your deck. You might draw a 2nd Terrain card.
  • You can play it over your active Terrain as a free Action OR switch between the Terrains you control.
  • You gain immediate use of the XP Tree and its Trigger Abilities.
  • Remember, Terrains only produce Actions at the start of your turn.

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